Samstag, 1. August 2009

Krise der Universitäten, Krise der Mittelschicht

Ein ausgezeichneter Artikel über die Hochschulkrise in Großbritannien (und anderswo) findet sich bei MUTE.
Carrying debt burdens that average £20,000 after a BA, they have also priced out of the housing market. They have had to work during their studies, in many cases full-time hours, and were not able to experience education as respite from the routine of the workplace that at least some of their parents' generation could. They have also had to deal with an education that has become progressively instrumental and marketised, facing pressure to not ‘make mistakes, take risks, or pursue any unorthodox form of inquiry that could compromise the all-important 2.1'. They now face bleak job prospects as graduate unemployment is set to rise by 22,000 this year. This phenomenon is not limited to the UK, as phrases such as ‘the 700 Euro Generation' (Greece), ‘the 1,000 Euro Generation' (Italy), and the ‘Internship Generation' (Germany) enter common speech.