Sonntag, 12. Juli 2015

Wolfgang Schäuble ist auf seine Würde bedacht

So sehr, dass er sich lächerlich macht.
Such was the "tough, even violent" atmosphere, in the words of one participant, that after an overnight break the German and French finance chiefs, Wolfgang Schaeuble and Michel Sapin, sat down to clear the air between them before resuming on Sunday. Schaeuble also crossed swords with ECB governor Mario Draghi, snapping at the Italian central banker "I'm not stupid!"

"It was crazy, a kindergarten," said a source describing the overall course of nine hours of talks on Saturday among weary ministers attending their sixth emergency Eurogroup in three weeks. "Bad emotions have completely taken over." ... The European Central Bank's Draghi seemed "the strongest European" in the room, most opposed to the risky experiment of cutting Greece loose and braving Schaeuble's ire by interrupting him during a discussion on Athens' debt burden.

Berichtete Reuters, darunter ein interessantes Detail am Rand:
Unlike many of a dozen previous meetings they have had since Greeks despairing of creditor-imposed austerity elected leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in January, some of the sharpest exchanges were not with their Greek colleague but each other.