Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2009

"Im Kindermädchenstaat seid ihr alle Beamte!"

Ah, die zuverlässige britische Regierung - lange hat sie keine Grenze mehr überschritten in ihrer Bemühung, Sozialpolitik zur ideologischen Massen-Psychotherapie zu machen. Die Akademikerarbeitslosigkeit im Land ist so hoch wie niemals zuvor.
Almost one-in-10 students were without a job after leaving university last year as unemployment rates hit a record high. More than a fifth of students at some institutions were left without work or a postgraduate place six months after completing degrees.

But no longer! Das Wirtschaftsministerium eilt den arbeitslosen Uni-Absolventen zur Hilfe, nämlich in Form einer Broschüre, berichtet unter anderem die Daily Mail.
... the advice, entitled Parent Motivators, also warns against being 'too supportive'. It asks: 'If you are making life too comfortable at home, why would they get a job? 'If you are providing free board and lodgings, a well-stocked fridge, washing and ironing done, plus an allowance, there's not much drive there. So cut back to help increase their motivation.'

Das Heft trägt den Titel "Parent Motivators: A parent's guide to helping graduates find work" und fordert Eltern unter anderem auf, ihre Kinder anzulügen
Remind them that the recession will end and that graduates will be needed when companies re-energise for new business. In a few years the majority of graduates will be doing as well as they always have.

und zu pathologisieren
Look out for their mental health, and if there are changes to eating and sleeping patterns or a loss of energy, encourage them to see a doctor.

und nach dem akademischen Höhenflug sanft, aber bestimmt zurück auf den Boden der wirtschaftlichen Tatsachen zu holen
Don’t dismiss their ideas but also encourage them to be realistic. Yes, some people will make it as actors and film script writers but many just waste away the years. People often pursue careers such as this alongside a job, so encourage them to get a job to increase their independence and so they can support themselves on their dream path.